Sues over naked photos

Absolute Software

Now this one is rich. 🙂

Imagine the scene.

You buy a second-hand laptop using it to, among other things, have secret sexy video chats with your significant other. Unbeknownst to you, naked photos of you are being taken by a company hired to track down the stolen laptop.


This is what has happened to Ohio-based Susan Clements-Jeffrey and her boyfriend.

Absolute Software is in the business of helping people recover their computers. Fair enough. But is taking nude snaps of the person using the stolen laptop a step too far?

U.S. District Judge Walter Rice thinks so, saying that Absolute Software may have violated 52-year-old widow Susan Clements-Jeffery’s rights to privacy.

What does the judge have to do with this? Well, Susan is suing Absolute Software.

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