Why Choose Us

Why Choose Simply Web Services

Improving Your Brand

Improving Our Website

Why Choose Simply Web Services

Free consultations

We are available to discuss your marketing project, via phone, online or in person (on occasion with COVID ramping back up).

We go beyond the basics 

We put our expertise to work for you, our client, to come up with solutions that fit into your budget.  We work with your organization to brand your company and provide the most visibility your budget provides.

Creating Experiences

We create attractive simple functional websites that drive results for your company.  We provide focus on branding throughout the process providing what works for your audience and your business.

Quick Responses

If you’re like most people, once you make up your mind you want results RIGHT NOW.  While we are able to streamline your project it will be dependent on quick responses from both parties.

On Time & Budget

Once the scope of the project is determined a timeline and budget is provided.  We make every attempt to stick to both, based on prompt responses and client approval. We provide weekly (or more often if needed) status checks on progress and deadlines to ensure everyone is aware of progress.

Competitive Pricing

We offer design, corporate branding, online marketing, website hosting and digital marketing at a fair price.  Our in house skill set allows us to meet a wide array of demands and our efficiency allows us to be competitively priced.

Online Marketing

The most amazing website does no good if no one is able to find it.  The easiest and most cost effective means of generating traffic is to incorporate search engine optimization.  We use proven SEO strategies to ensure you rank high on major search engines (such as Google) for your keywords.  We always recommend follow on marketing to accomplish this marketing goal.


Hiring Simply Web Services, LLC, means you own a copy of everything. What does that mean?  Should we part ways for any reason you can still maintain and utilize your website.  There are some caveats but it is all explained in our agreement.

Proven Track Record

Our work speaks for itself.  Have a look at some of our workWe are able to provide results for clients within the confines that their budget allows