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SWS Newsletter – Spring 2024

Welcome to the official start of spring! Winter seems to have hidden this year.

SWS Newsletter – Winter 2024

Simply Web Services is blessed by their clients! Google desktop vs mobile – by the Numbers; ADA compliance – do you really need to be or is it a scam? Social media planning takes more time than you realize!

SWS Newsletter – Fall 2023

This fall came in nice and quiet, with the leaves seemingly falling from the trees in a single day. Fall is a wonderful time for you to update and refresh your website.

SWS Newsletter – Summer 2023

We have certainly been slow with the summer newsletter – enjoy this edition! A great big ‘Thank You’ goes out to our team, they have kept everyone humming along as usual while also filling Crystal’s shoes while she has been under the weather the last little bit. Next up in a few short weeks will be the fall newsletter, beautiful leaf changes, bonfires, and football.

SWS Newsletter – Spring 2023

Spring has certainly sprung! With taxes underway or behind us all, now might be a great time to clean out your email. You know the Ezine you were planning to read later (Crystal is guilty of this one!), or the spam that is hanging around as you had a busy week…. Those emails. It is oh-so-satisfying to watch them disappear when you hit the delete key! Enjoy the spring weather before the heat of the summer settles upon us.

SWS Newsletter – Winter 2022

It is that time again – time for us to upgrade the servers. Parts have been ordered to Joe’s specifications. Once everything is in hand the servers will be built and readied for everyone’s data to move. As always we will test things and keep everyone in the ‘know’ on when the transition will take place.

SWS Newsletter – Fall 2022

WOW! 2022 has flown by, Fall is nearly upon us! What a cliche but seems to certainly be true. At SWS we have been making a number of internal changes, as you saw in the spring we have increased the server space for those hosting with us (and no pricing increase!); we are working diligently in completing partnerships with various entities such as Docusign, Google, and many more. Read more about this and other happenings at SWS in our Fall Newsletter

SWS Newsletter – Spring 2022

Finally! Joe and I will be sending out a newsletter. We are expecting to send one out quarterly, at least initially. We will include tips (you’ll also be able to find them on our blog – Facebook), suggestions, or anything else that we believe may be useful in the online marketing world or to your organization. Check out the rest of our Spring Newsletter.