Facebook Wi-Fi

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Facebook Wi-Fi

Facebook is launching Facebook Wi-Fi, which is a method for customers to use your wireless network connection (Wi-Fi), to connect to the internet.

Directly from Facebook’s email marketing, promoting Facebook Wi-Fi.

How It Works

Facebook Wi-Fi will allow people to connect to your Wi-Fi without needing to share passwords. It can also increase the number of check-ins to your Facebook Page, which will allow your visitors’ friends to discover your business.

Getting Started

To get started, easily add our features to your existing Wi-Fi. The service is free and setup takes about 20 minutes with a compatible router and admin access to your Page. If you do not have a compatible router, you can purchase one. This list shows routers that work with Facebook Wi-Fi and details on how to purchase one.

Benefits and Features of Facebook Wi-Fi

Benefits include:

  • More people can find your business: Get discovered by friends of people who visited your business and millions who search for Wi-Fi on Facebook every month
  • Secure access to Wi-Fi without sharing passwords: People who visit your business will no longer need a password to access your Wi-Fi
  • Get insights on visitors: Access anonymized information on how many one-time and returning visitors have checked into your Page through Facebook Wi-Fi

Visit fbwifi.com to learn more about the product. Or, see if you already have a compatible router and get set up right away.