Site Of The Month – February 2022 –

Average Joe Weekly blog - designed by Simply Web Services

Site of The Month – February 2022 –

Site of the month is a new feature for our blog where we will feature a Simply Web Services customer and their website.

The Simply Web Services team sat down and went through a very long drawn out process, where we carefully and skillfully…. wait, stop, we just drew a client’s name out of a hat. Alright, our first site of the month is

 AverageJoeWeekly is a blog that is the brainchild of none other than Joe Average of Spotsylvania, Virginia. Joe said wanted to have a personal blog that he could use to share his vast wealth of knowledge of Information Technology (IT) and his hobbies of camping and hiking, along with highlighting some of his “zoo” of pets. As Joe’s states, it is his place and learn to deal with it!

Joe contracted Simply Web Services in 2021; to not only design and build his blog, but to host this robust blog on their fast Linux servers. Simply Web Services was also contracted to help Joe with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), though Joe is very talented at SEO and SEM himself, he wanted to see what SWS could do for his blog before he took a swing at it. SWS has also done all the graphics design work for Joe’s blog, designing him a logo, various splash pages and social media headers for his Facebook account.

Simply Web Services is also handling Cyber Security Management for Joe, by keeping his website safe and secure from potential hackers and malware, with weekly scans and remediation as needed.

Blogs are often a labor of love for many and that could not be truer for Joe’s blog. Joe, along with a couple of guest bloggers, make sure that the content on AverageJoeWeekly is always fresh and informative, along with a good chuckle every now and then. However, Joe’s blog is not for kids as he rates the content as PG-13/R (ish). Therefore, it is more for adults and older teens, than for children, mostly due to language as Joe often speaks on his blog without a filter.

Joe is also a former active duty United States Marine, which goes along well with SWS, as we are a Marine Corps family ourselves. The SWS team understands Joe’s twisted sense of humor very well. This translates to meetings with Joe are more fun and less productive.

Joe’s blog is running on the WordPress Content Management System and is using Elementor as the theme editor. We host Joe’s blog on our fast Linux based servers, running Apache. Our servers use DirectAdmin, which is a graphical web-based web hosting control panel allowing administration of websites through a web browser. Through DirectAdmin, Joe can manage all aspects of his website including his email and usage statistics. We set Joe up with Google Analytics so he can better track visitors to his website.

To save time and money, Joe chose a premade theme from Template Monster and SWS customized it to Joe’s exact specifications and requirements. Joe also manages another blog that SWS designed and hosts for him,, which focuses on Joe’s various physical disabilities. If you have, a few minutes check out both of Joe’s blogs and give them a like.

When asked what the future holds for the blog, Joe stated that he is very seriously thinking of combining the two blogs into one for ease of usage and management on his part. As for anything else, he said he has a few new categories in mind and will keep posting until he has had his fun and is done with it.