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Local SEO

You’ve packed up the car and you and your family of four and Fido are heading from Toledo, Ohio to Virginia Beach for a long-deserved vacation. You are behind the wheel of your new 2023 SUV and you are cruising along until you hit something in the road and you blew a tire. No worries you know how to change a flat time, you look at the tire and it is totally shredded, you look for a spare, and well wouldn’t you know it, they only include a nice can of fix-a-flat and that isn’t going to work on this tire.

So what do you do?

If you are like more than 90% of smartphone users, you bring up Google and search for “tire repair”. You are quickly presented with dozens of local tire shops and you find “Twin County”, you give them a call and they can help you and are willing to bring the tire to you.  You look at their reviews and they have 102 positive reviews from happy customers. You have a good feeling about this one.

Tire Repair Search in Galax, Virginia on a Smartphone

So how did you find Twin County? Simple, it is all local SEO. Local SEO or Local Search Engine Optimization is the art of optimizing business website listings so they appear above other similar listings for a given locality, in this case, Galax, Virginia. Your smartphone GPS told Google where you were and Google instantly added that location to your search and Bingo, a search for Tire Repair in Galax, Virginia.

Simple enough, right? Sadly many small businesses will not pay for local SEO and this is where all their customers are coming from. They are using their mobile devices to find them and you need to be found as well as have a mobile website (but that is a topic for a different post). Local SEO works best when combined with regular SEO.

Simply Web Services are experts at local SEO, we have been doing it well before it was even called local SEO (it was called Local Listings at that time). We can help your business appear well when a customer searches. Contact us today at 540-479-6350.