Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams

There is a well-known quote from the movie “Field of Dreams”. That quote is “If you build it, he will come” (yes, it is ‘he’, not ‘they’).

The above quote can apply to a website project. Just because you have launched this really nice website, it doesn’t mean that customers will come to it.

We recently spoke with a potential new client, who is days away from having to shut their doors for good and they are going to try for a hail mary, pinning all their hopes on a new website. There are so many problems with this scenario.

1. It will take several weeks to a month to complete your website project, (there are many variables that affect the timeline).

2. Once you have a new website, you will need to advertise that you have it and where customers can find it.

The advertising part is what isn’t accounted for nor can they afford it.   This beautifully functional  website they poured everything into is one no  one is visiting.

A website needs to be part of your advertising budget.  Spending several thousand dollars for a phone book ad in the yellow pages (Are you really still doing that?), but you don’t want to put any money into your website? Regretfully the phone book is pretty much dead, most no longer use one.   

It is time to refocus that attention and money on the internet. You have several options for getting people to visit your website. You have advertising spots on another website (s), TV, and radio. You also have Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is the practice of applying tweaks to parts of the website to make your website place better on search engines. There are also local citations, which is submitting your website and business to local websites including sites that focus on geographical locations, like Yelp!.

All this is very time-consuming, which is why many businesses hire a professional to manage their SEO and their local citations.

Have you included SEO in your budget?  Uncertain if you have placing a internet searches well?  Give us a call at-540-479-6350.